Ripper - Wasteland CD

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Official Description:
Recorded in 2012, finally this banger gets the proper release it deserves! In the early 2010’s RIPPER ruled the Portland punk, metal, hardcore scene releasing one epic LP followed by an equally destructive 7”. This record finds the band in the height of their prime before they spontaneously combusted. The rock n’ roll riffage, double bass drum, driving bass guitar holding it down, the Lemmy esque/INEPSY-esque vocals, and of course the well executed guitar solos are all played like their lives depend on it. Like an out of control train about to go off the rails, this record is full of hair-raising tempos demanding a head bang whether you want to or not. Obviously for fans of MOTORHEAD, but unlike many bands of this style there is no hint of being contrived or cheesy. Rock n’ roll poured through these three maniacs’ blood (and it still does with the many projects they all went onto in the 10 years since). While it’s sad that this may be the last thing we ever hear from RIPPER, this is one hell of a swan song and well worth the 10 year wait.

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