Responding to all this stuff on Instagram

Posted by -Dan on 8/1/2020
This all played out on Instagram while each of us were dealing with our own shit, but by the time I came home, seems like everything has sorted itself out, cause this other distro took down their own post on their own volition. I've never met these people before that I'm aware of and I've never interacted with them so I'm assuming someone set them straight on this topic before we had a chance to respond. But to be transparent, this is the story:

In 2016 a group of guys in Baltimore launched all sorts of accusations at my friends and I. This stuff is completely untrue and without merit. For my own accusations, when I talked to people in my life, and reflected on my own experiences, I found no indication that any of this stuff is true. And when pressed for more details, these guys couldn't produce any. At various points, they apologized to people around me for all the mess, and in 2019, they privately apologized to me and publicly apologized using apologies I'd written. I've attached two of these public apologies. 

Personally I think apologies straight from the source should be enough to resolve this topic. And I think that all I personally can do is continue to speak honestly about my lived experiences, as I always have and will continue to do.

By the way, I don't actually interact with any of our social media platforms. I have next to no idea what's happening on the internet. My life is full these days and my computer is broken, I don't really have the time or capacity to hang out on the internet like I did when I was younger. This is all to say, whatever plays out on social media, I hear about it second-hand. If you message our Instagram or Facebook, I've got no clue, I'll never see it. If you've got something to say to me, you should actually say it to me, over e-mail or a phone call or whatever, rather than some platform of a webstore that is a larger operation than one individual person.