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Official Description:
Southeast Asia is a real PUNK band formed in Myanmar in 2007, THE REBEL RIOT.
He and he continue to work not to yield to the tyranny of power without regard to danger even amid the ongoing tyranny by the military government, not only in Myanmar but also to Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

"One Day" is the fourth album released in August 2021 under martial law, with the support of many friends around him and many friends across borders, even though they recorded through the eyes of the authorities and were rejected by many printing shops in Myanmar due to their political jackets and lyrics.

The Japanese CD released this time contains a total of 14 tracks, including a cover of "Farewell Ciao" (a song sung in the anti-fascist party movement in Italy in 1943-45) recorded as a bonus track in the fall of 2021.

A change from the sound so far that was from Streetpunk, this work has become a hard finish, of Vocal's Kyaw Kyaw (Chocho), which is also the central figure of Myanmar PUNK, The vocals with a distinctly different tension are close to wandering as if they reflected the serious situation in Myanmar.

It includes explanations of each song by Rumi (Grist zine), interview with core member Kyaw Kyaw by Takasaki (BRONZE FIST RECORDS), and translation of lyrics by Takeshi Evolstak (NO/Grist zine).

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