Rasix/Sociedad Violenta split 7"

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(Punk Y Que?)

Official Description:
80s Hardcore Punk Split EP from South America and Colombia!! ORIGINALLY A SPLIT EP BY '88 COLOMBIA HARDCORE PUNK "RAXIS" AND "SOCIEDAD VIOLENTA" RELEASED IN 80!! The repro reissue released in 2012 is in limited stock! !! Is it deadstock? ?? In addition to the sound source recorded on the original edition, a total of 6 songs are included, one additional song for each band! !! 80's South American Ponkotsu Low Hardcore Punk Explosion Split! !! For both bands, this split seems to have been their debut (RAXIS later released a solo EP. SOCIEDAD VIOLENTA is the only sound source of this recording?), Primitive and deadly South American ponkotsu raw hardcore punk with a sound that is irresistible to 80s South American hardcore punk fans! !! Oi! The exquisite shopper that makes you feel the influence of PUNK, and the heppoko pomkokotsu is also nice! !! It doesn't seem to be a regular release, but South American hardcore punk mania is a must! !! COLUMBIA/MEDELLIN HARDCORE PUNK 1988!!

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