Purga/Karoshi split 7"

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Official Description:
NYC Current Latin Chaotic Crusher D-BEAT RAW PUNK Group PURGA, 2022 latest release is split EP with KAROSHI, current CRASHER NOISE HARDCORE GROUP in Colombia, South America!!

South American Colombia Multiple DIY Label Joint Release!!

It seems that the cassettes and sonosheets that were in stock at our shop so far were the most crazy and very popular, but PURGA has become a five-piece group with a female bassist joining!

The insert is a must-see for the overly stupid member photos, but did the sound really need to have more members for this sound? I think, the super collapse CRASHER River NOISECORE PUNK so far has been even more crazy all 3 songs recorded! !

The way a strange CHAOS sound is formed by ON & OFF of the incomprehensible equalizer noise in the undulating rhythm corps and attacks the collapse is exactly INSANE CHAOS!!

On the other hand, KAROSHI is the first group I have known this time, but the details of the band are unknown, but they are as crazy as PURGA!

Harsh & Noisy Early DISORDER~CHAOS U.K~Kyushu GAI-style DAMAGING Noise Core Sound The way Spanish Vocals scream like crazy is full of initial impulse and tension, and it is exactly RUIDO TOTAL 5 NOISE TRACKS!

With double-sided inserts & cards for each group, both bands are vicious noisy ultra-chaotic True NOISE NOT MUSIC & LATIN PUNK AS FxCK SPLIT Release AAAAAAARRRGGGHH!!

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