Psycho Sin/Nihilistics/Iconicide/Haj-paj 4-way split 7"

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We did it all. Looking back...We played CBGBs shit load of times! The Mudd Club! Irving Plaze! Tin Pan Alley! Hank's crystal palace! Tompkins square park! Albert's Pub! The Pat Duncan show on WFMU radio! Been on Maximum Rock & Roll magazine shit load of times! Flipside magazine shit load of times etc...Are on perhaps two or three V/A comp classic contemporary punk records! Did we pay our dues?! "You Axed For It" by Psycho Sin is one of the most sort after EPs in the punk rock underground! On many want list! Very expensive and rare! Til this day i'm puzzled about that. It sells for ($350-$500) bucks! There has not been one day that someone has not asked me if I have a few laying around? Ron Rancid is the punk rockin' hardcore hero that we all never knew we needed or deserved, but we got him. Ron Rancid does not give a fuck. Not even kind of. He doesn't care what you think of him or his band, the Nihilistics, at all. He's a first-generation punk rock who's from the school of punk and hardcore that was all about provoking and pissing people off and he hasn't changed one bit in the last 40 some years. ICONICIDE, established in 1988 at NYC’s Anarchist Switchboard in the aftermath of the Tompkins Square Park Police Riots, blend Hardcore, Thrash, Punk and more in a lethal mix that is Loud, Fast and Ugly. Definition of häj-päj: A confused mixture. häj-päj members are just that and comes all together as one with the power and influence of old school punk hardcore punk and a touch of reggae. As different as we all may be we have all been friends for many many years and enjoy what we have created and damn well proud to have played with bands we have all looked up to. Split Label with Ratgirl Records and Jerk Off Records. 

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