Private Jesus Detector - Nobody's Master Nobody's Servant LP

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Official Description:
early 90s Belgian raw hardcore punk "PRIVATE JESUS DETECTOR"!!
What a reunion and release a new album in 2023! !! THE ANALOG LP HAS BEEN RELEASED Japan BY IN CRUST WE THRASH IN JAPAN, WHICH ALSO RELEASED A DISCOGRAPHY CD! !! A revival album with new members on drums, a twin vocal system with original members other than that, and about half of the songs on the new album are composed of songs made before the breakup in the 90s! !! D-BEAT CRUST HARDCORE EXPLOSION FULL OF ANGER REMINISCENT OF SCANDI D-BEAT!! Angry roar by twin vocals in a tense sound! !! A powerful work that does not make you feel blank! !! Crustties ~ D-BEAT CRUST, a must-listen for raw hardcore punk fans!! All 13 songs are recorded, double-sided full-color poster sleeve, and band specification! !!
* The latest interview is posted in EL ZINE Vol.60!

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