Private Jesus Detector - Nobody's Master Nobody's Servant CD

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Official Description:
PRIVATE JESUS ??DETECTOR, who emerged from Belgium in the early 90’s and had a tremendous impact on Japanese hardcore and crustcore, reunited and released a long-awaited full-length album in 2022. About half of the songs were written before the dissolution in the 90’s, and are a masterpiece LP recorded with a twin vocal system composed mostly of the original members. D-BEAT CRUST HARDCORE EXPLOSION FULL OF ANGER REMINISCENT OF SCANDI D-BEAT!! Angry roar by twin vocals in a tense sound! !! A powerful work that does not make you feel blank! !! Crustties ~ D-BEAT CRUST, a must-listen for raw hardcore punk fans! This CD version includes 16 tracks with bonus features Rehearsal demo and 2 video clips ( Enhanced CD).

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