Povlacion/Desperdicio split tape

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I can't believe it! The tape is a split of my beloved WASTE and my dear POVLACION. I start sweating nerves. In my head I have the memories of my trip to Japan stuck. There I was able to see them and play with them and I can assure you that the energy and passion that these bands gave off is impossible to forget. impossible. The groups are great lovers of Spanish punk. From that punk pig and noisy, fast and badass, which has come out of the so punished sewers of our country. Being able to share that fondness for our most torn sounds with friends who live so far away makes my hair stand on end. each group records two original songs, a version of their cassette partner and a version of the two best Spanish groups that have exhibited, for me, Eskorbuto and RIP I can't listen to the songs now! I stick one drink and turn up the volume.
Povlacion begin to sound. Uffffffff but what madness is this! Speed, madness, sweat and cries of hope against this world that oppresses us in its routine and boredom. The battery doesn't stop. It's insane energy. The bass and guitar rip their masts with that very saturated sound that the amplifiers vomit and I like it so much. And the voice... The voice is mention apart because of I'm really amazed. The singer's heartbreaking and desperate tone is a wonder. I am amazed at how good the Spanish language sounds in its sentences. Really. They close their face with "Historia Triste" by ESKORBUTO, my favorite group in the world and with which I became a punk. Everything is perfectly understood: bass, guitar, drums and that voice that he pronounces as if instead of being from Japan he was born in Santurce. I need another good drink of my beer.
Aaaargh! Now come WASTE. I stick another drink into my bottle, which is coming to an end. Here comes the madness. The first song is that hellish, cavernous noise to which we are accustomed. Fast and deranged like demons vomiting despair. The second is slower and reminds me a lot of those Iberian punk songs, more ballads, that everyone sings in concerts until they are aphonic. The madness and frenzy continue and they close their faces with an incredible version of RIP's "Hate My Homeland." Aaaaargh! That song that we have all chanted against that Fatherland that locks us up in jails, beats us, humiliates us and makes us work to keep the rich in this part of the world. Now they sing it WASTE! That's great! Hatred of the homeland is universal and here they are to prove it. Aaaargh, I'm screaming again because I've run out of beer.
I'm going for another one and I'll listen to it again.
Heartfelt thanks to WASTE, POVLACION for recording this demo tape. These are hard, uncertain and insecure times and I can't think of a better soundtrack for a day like today.
(Hector Tinga Tinga) 

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