Povlacion - Tres De Sonido Y Tres De Voz EP

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Official Description:
i can see punks from all over the world rejoicing.

with anger, suffering and hope, all that appears at a dizzying day in your hands, you can hold it in your hands, and throw it with tremendous momentum with the energy of fresh stagding and anger on the roaring sound,

Raw punk is not dead exactly!! In January 2022, it was released out of the world by surviving the waves and many hardships of the severe times from the record shophouse label A-Z Records operated by Kazki, whose long-awaited single 7-inch record of POVLACION, which makes you want to shout.

In addition to the original members Bond (Vocal & Guitar) and Kazki (Drum), all four hardcore punks that were completed with a new Bass. After leaving the members, we welcomed new members, let's imagine that we would have lived together in this era, become irreplaceable already, and the band would have been recorded in a very good condition, and the title that can be received as a declaration of determination to carve out a new future with these three people is exciting.

Tres de sonido y tres de voz

"three sounds and three voices"

receiving this sound and voice, we see the sense that resonates with current punk hardcore bands around the world and the people who live single-eyedly, and at the same time, we think that we can find the key to the door to the message that the small but certainly existing people who live from punk origin can spin.

It originates from one of the factors that makes their style unique: a song written in Spanish. Behind the history of punk, which is said to have originated from the white working class, there is certainly punk created and nurtured by various identities. One of them is Latino ,a Spanish-speaking country (people in the United States with cultural ties to Latin America), and punk born in Spain, Central and South America. And listening to the sound and voice provides a clue to the history and truth that was certainly there in that era, its circumstances. And it is inevitable that TOZCOS, AUSENCIA and SAD HERO, which toured Japan at the invitation of Discos Peligrosos operated by The Vocal Guitar, and PÖLS and HEZ released by A-Z Records are modern Spanish-speaking punk hardcore bands. It resonates with the sound and the voice of the Spanish-speaking punk which has been spun, povlacion and this record exist now, and it does not come to seem to illuminate the history and the truth which has been spun brilliantly.

and the message they exhale and the sound they create are the sounds and voices of ichii who live hard, looking ahead to the modern era, and level music that connects to the future as the truth that the scenery they lived against is certainly the truth that exists. it is also a solid proof of their own existence living in this age, not giving up on giving up their voices as many times as they want.

i am lucky to be able to pick it up and receive it in this same age, and it may be our role as nothing to take it to a new future.

i'd like to believe that i can't look forward to seeing the scenery they handcrafted while resonating with punks around the world again, and that such handmade days will be a ray of hope for this poorly-sighted future. with that in my thoughts, i'll put this record on the turntable over and over again.

the soul and appearance of the resister are here and then as they have been. it's a monumental piece that can't be overlooked when talking about modern punk hardcore.

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