Pobel Mobel - The Return of the Mob CD

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Pöbel Möbel is a Hardcore and obsecure Metal punk that started in January 1983 in Jönköping. The first set was Peter, Fido, Svenne and Lagge. Recorded 1984 a maxi-EP together with Anti Hund Mina that also shared a band member (Peter). Lagge left the band in 1985 and was replaced by Danne. 1986 Puto started playing with the band and made the sound heavier with double guitars. 1988 they recorded their last record, a maxi-EP with street punk and soccer choirs. Touring in Sweden and Norway 1985 with Upright Citizens and Asta Kask. Pöbel Möbel made their last tour to Germany 1988.

POBEL MOBEL is a very gruff-vocaled thrash band—sort of a less-metal GISM with Fast melodic punk from these Swedish crazies. Includes five originals and a cover of “I Saw Her Standing There.” Fun. ( MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL : MRR #22 • FEBRUARY 1985 )

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