Plazma-X - White Shadow 1986-1989 CD

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Official Description:
This is a CD version from the previous LP released by F.O.A.D Records, with one extra bonus track  live in 1989.

PLAZMA X is a Japanese punk and heavy metal band from Hiroshima. Originally started as a hardcore/punk band in 1985. The original lineup featured their first singer Vancollan (Chicken Bowels) and the guitarist Motsu (Chicken Bowels, Gudon, Outo, Half Years, Rise From The Dead). They went on to form Chicken Bowels after leaving Plazma-X. Their drummer, Nobu is ex-?? (Jiga (2)). The band's musical style shifted to speed metal (w/ punk influences) ~ heavy metal in their later years, released at least two demos in 1986 and 1987, and the now (super) hard-to-find 7" flexi "Masquerade" on the band's own label in 1988. Only a couple of hundred copies of them were made and sold locally. The band was active until 1990, but apparently played a reunion show in 2014, then another one in 2017.

Tracklist : 

( “Zeanon” Demo Tape 1986 (Self-Released)
1.  Zeanon
2.  White Shadow
3.  Dead End
4.  ???
5.  Slow Out

(“Night Thought” Demo Tape 1987 (Self-Released)
6. Love And Kill
7. Night Thought
8. Dear Humans Color
9. White Shadow

(Self Titled Flexi Disc 1988 (Pigumo Records)
10. Masquerade
11. Drastic Love 20

(Bonus Track (FM Radio Live, 1989)
12. Boys & Girls
13. Cyber Girl ( Extra track)

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