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Perra Vida, who surprised the Peruvian hardcore punk scene at the beginning of last year with their first EP, which garnered many good comments on music websites from different parts of the world, have become angrier than ever in “Eterno Retorno”, but they are also They are more open to touching on other types of themes in their songs and this is perhaps one of the most exquisite aspects of the album, as it gives variety to their sound. Furthermore, they shine as a well-cohesive band where all elements play an important role in achieving that brutal sound.

“Eterno Retorno” delivers accurate blows with each song and is dispatched without trembling against trash television (“Noticias Podridas”), against social canons (“Hoja Verde”), machismo (“Fachitos”), xenophobia (“ The March”) and the harassers (“Mis Mercenarios”), in forceful and fast discharges of hardcore punk designed to kick genitals with steel-tipped ship crushers. Up to this point it is actually something we are accustomed to.

But we also have songs like “La Razón”, “Instinto” and “Día Nuevo”, songs where they not only leave aside social criticism, but also touch on different topics such as failed love relationships, false expectations regarding a relationship, or simply , to be in love and filled with positivism. It is in these songs where Diana Matos and company leave aside the speed of hardcore to get closer to melodic punk rock of the Ramonera lineage, with clear influences from bands like the Peruvian Metadona.

“Opportunist” deserves a special mention, where they beat up all those who like to make fame and fortune at the expense of destroying other people without caring about anything at all. A song where the lyrics act as a sharp katana that destroys everyone directly and leaves no one clueless.

“Eterno Retorno” is without a doubt a brilliant album, where Perra Vida has not needed to invent anything, much less reinvent themselves. They remain firm in what they do, the raw and violent hardcore punk and the dirty and visceral punk rock with lyrics so direct, like accurate shots at the most sensitive points of society. That is something worth applauding.

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