Pateando Tu Kara/Dictadura De Conciencia - Con Los Puños En Alto/Idem split CD

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(Impulso Ruin Records)

Official Description:
From IMPULSO RUIN in Peru, which has continued to relapse South American goods more vigorously in recent years, two bands in the same town of Peru and Lima remastered the split work that had been released at TAPE in 1994 and relapsed into a digipack CD in 2021!

With 21 tracks in total, it is a volume like coupling albums of both bands (D.D.C has 5 songs live).
The recorded DICTADURA DE CONCIENCIA earlier has split TAPE with PSICOSIS. In 1995, he also participated in the Finnish VA I Slaughter Singing Madly Anthem 7. Includes 12 songs that combine somewhat depressed and serious hardcore on a heavy-hitting South American way.

Pateando TU KARA, on the other hand, was formed in 1991 and is still active, and in 2003 it seems that they released a full album. Of course, the catchy chorus and melody are impressive while filling the air like South America, and 10 songs reminiscent of around COLERA in Brazil are recorded with a sound that sews between PUNK ROCK and HARDCORE.

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