Paintbox - Unfinished Works CD

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Official Description:
After the hiatus following the passing of bandmate Chelsea in 2007, the remaining members of PAINTBOX spent years completing this masterpiece. TRIP, TRANCE & TRAVELLING transcends the bounds of hardcore, shining brilliantly like a shooting star in reverse sent to the heavens. At last, "Episode 0" of their history is unraveled.
These recordings are practice sessions and are technically just prototypes of songs. Yet, had they been brought to completion, all these songs would have reached releases as singles. The band discussed that the songs were high-caliber even in this state.
The members on the recordings are Chelsea on guitar, Naka (NO PROBLEM) on bass, and Suguru [BLUES BINBOS (?????????)/DEEPCOUNT] on drums. The vocals were temporarily done by Chelsea. Mune, who is not in the recordings, provides liner notes to deepen the story of their history.

*This recording is mastered from a cassette recording of studio rehearsal, digitized with home equipment. Please understand in advance that there may be noise and inaudible points in the recording.

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