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Official Description:
The other day, I released the 1st album of ONIKU, the only domestic gore grinder that declared the suspension of activities indefinitely! Old school Gore bastard listening board that can be said to be the culmination of activities for about 10 years!
ONIKU, which started its activities in 2006, released two demo CD-Rs, participated in several domestic omnibuses, and then 12-way gore-grind split cassettes supervised by Blue Holocaust, the host of French gore-grind WEBZINE / Braindead. A Symphony Of Death Rattles "was a song that gained worldwide attention. And in Japan, the mini-album "Ranch" which was secretly released in CD-R format, the cassette recurred from the underground grind label from the UK, Grindfather Productions, which now flies off the flying birds, has been greatly supported by Gore grinders around the world Will be obtained.
Since then, he has continued his activities, and has released four split cassettes mainly on American labels. The cassette version of this work was released by Grindfather Productions in early 2017, and the project was declared inactive.
I would like to affirm that ONIKU's first album “Way to Live” will be his masterpiece.
Gore grind scene, which is underground level in the 10's but is rising around the world, but influenced by Reggurgitate and Dead Infection, which are the ancestors of this genre, but it does not add to that, but like some bands He has not fallen into the ridiculous and ridiculous situation of "Koretsu corpse jacket over kyoretsu sound." Completely original.
Destructive yet catchy riffs, playful drum programming with development, full-effect sewer voices, and a little humor as spices ... If you are fond of gore grinds, please take a look at the corpse Gore grind is a “name board” that the cassette sends with confidence! !
This work also includes cover songs for Dead Infection and Maggut. Along with the CD, a bonus track has been added to the cassette ver. For the CD version only, Kae of Sete Star Sept is in charge of the jacket / board logo design.

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