Omoide Hatoba - Suichu Joe LP

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Official Description:
Alchemy Records, founded by Hiroshige JOJO in 1984 and led by himself, has started a reissue project of albums by the band Emergency Staircase, which followed a wide range of genres such as noise, punk, and psychedelic!

Mysterious sounds bubbling up again from the bottom of the deepest water-----Imagination Wharf An amazing second album released one year after the masterpiece "Great Music"! The insane album by the talented group "Wharf of Remembrance" is finally available on analog LP! It is said to be extremely difficult to create an impact that surpasses this one, and this is the first analog release of a classic album that will remain in the history of Japanese rock music! This is the first analog release of this masterpiece among the masterpieces of Japanese rock history, which is said to be extremely difficult to produce. It embodies "rock" in an ambiguous way, and the exhilaration of something only Seiichi Yamamoto and Wharf of Remembrance could create. Recorded in 1991.

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