Oblivion - Cursed to Kill LP+CD

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Official Description:
New Jersey’s rabid speed/thrash assault!! Official reissue of their complete 1985 recordings consisting of:
– DEMO #1 “Oblivion”
– DEMO #2 “Intention to kill”
plus a bonus CD filled with rare and unreleased early tunes and a complete live set at CBGB’s, 1985 in which they shared the stage with Damage and NYC Mayhem!
Intense gut wrenching speed/thrash backed by a solid Slayer influence (“Show no mercy” era) and the genuine hardcore tinged vibe of most East Coast’s thrash bands of that time, as a matter of fact their singer Dave was also in Social Decay and later in Lethal Aggression.    Back then they were self-describing their sound as “Power speed metal” quoting as main influences Rave, Cro-Mags, Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica. Includes 16 page full colored booklet with loads of early photos, flyers and excerpts from fanzines from that era!

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