Norms - self-titled EP

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(Permaculture Records)

A review:
Yes! This is just fucking great! Channeling early USHC, at times played at power violence speed, with vocals that just rip through your speakers and attack your brain like a pack of ghost wolves. NORMS is from Budapest and this is their first EP after a raging demo tape. Five tracks in total and it's all over so quickly I can't flip it fast enough—no comparisons needed. This is livid hardcore created by ranting nerds in cold basements, high on teen spirit and liquor! Viktor (of MRR columns fame) and his gang distill the basic elements that hide inside every great hardcore song and violently spit it back out like a cat coughs up a fur ball: no biggie, just a gag reflex, a survival instinct. Churning, charging riffs, manic drums, spazz-attack vocals and an appropriate amount of grit to the overall sound. Oh and a post-punk "secret track" with clear, melodic vocals that paints a completely different picture to everything I've just said. How unpredictable and idiosyncratic—falling for it like I knew I would! Get this record and discover the genuine disheveled madness—and hidden ingenuity—etched into these grooves. This is how it's done goddammit! 

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