Non Fortes Sed Crudeles - Enemy Minded Demo 1994 LP

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Official Description:
Non Fortes Sed Crudeles is criminally overlooked 90ies GBG Hardcore Band featuring Joel of Seitan and Alex of Skitsystem. We discovered this beauty when we worked on both the Seitan albums in 2021 and it was no question from the very first moment, we need to find a way to make this availeable to the hungry masses.

What we have here is a perfect example of early 90ies super raw straight in your face classic Euro-Crustcore heavy influenced by Anti Cimex and Extreme Noise Terror. No “Neocrust”, No “Emo”, no slow bullshit and most important no “highend sound”, just pure Raw Crustcore Violence the 90ies Swedish way with highspeed drumming and heavy dope guitar riffs. Exactly what we need.

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