Noise/Bixera split 7"

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In short: Possibly the best band in the world. Matched to rising stars of Brazilian goregrind.

Official Description:
Complete Noise/Grind terrorism from Brazil. Long time aural butchers NOISE deliver 16 ultra brutal stabs in the face, originally written in 1996 and re-recorded in 2015 sounding even sicker and harsher. You perfectly know what to expect from them: an inhuman dose of monster growls, screams, cacophonic distortion and lightning fast drums. Recommended if you like FEAR OF GOD, TUMOR, V.N.A., SORE THROAT and other eardrum molesters of that wave. BIXERA complete the onslaught with a morbid and gory dose of old school Grindcore that will catapult you back to 1988-1991. It reminds of early REGURGITATE, STENCH OF CORPSE, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, IMPETIGO and other putrid aberrations combining primitive deathly Grindcore with Gore and Splatter imagery and pitchshifted puking vocals.

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