Necronomidol - Vamjelsriter 2xLP

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Wasn't NECRONOMIDOL a black metal influence idol? I don't know if it's a complete mismemory, but the sound I actually listened to had almost no metal feeling! It was a synthpop kind of guy. One of the least well-understood genres in the world is idol. Musically, for some reason, it has a good affinity with metal, and crossovers have occurred frequently in the past history, and I think that metal, idols, and anime have a large listener base, but in recent years, there are entities like Especia, which was one of the first to intersect Vaporwave and the like, so I think everything is ants. Babymetal took all of the idols as metal with them, so I think it's a different direction. I thought I wrote it seriously, but I didn't understand it at all, so if you are an otaku, please make supplementary corrections. (I couldn't keep up at all)
The song "Abhoth" was a bit metal.

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