Navel - Rainfall/Bystander flexi

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Official Description:
NAVEL recorded in May 2000, originally scheduled to be released on 7inch records from the US label, will be released on a single-sided sonosheet with the latest mastering in 2022! !!
* The bass at the time of recording is NAVEL's bassist Riyuki Tsuji (THE?z69), ex. GIBBED/VOIDD//C.O.N

· Rainfall --- It was included on a CD-R that was distributed in a limited edition of 50 copies at SCARIES' first visit to Japan (2002) * Later re-recorded in another ver. on the 3rd album "HEARTACHE" 
· Bystander --- This sonosheet is the first ver. * Later re-recorded in another ver. on the 2nd album "depend" 

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