Napalm Death is Dead/Uhiromaesakasazoku split tape

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Official Description:
The second release of the label Beyond of Your Wife sponsored by cunts! Tokyo Power Progress / Chimera Punk Band Urae Sakira family led by a person called Sekiguchi Murphy who looks just like Fuckin'A, and a split cassette of grind noise band Naparm Dead Is Dead that a person called ucchy who is very similar to FrozenPnty is beating drums! Below is a commentary by FrozenPanty ?

What is the back front umbrella family?

Should it be called the ultimate rootless grass that haunts live houses in Tokyo, or invasion-type music such as an amoeba body of indefinite shape? It is a tokyo music group that has described its music as "power progress / chimeric punk", formed a strange punk rock with odd time signatures and rapidly developing complex tunes, and has received great instruction from various fields. In addition, he started a YouTube program based on the same "New Sports Seminar" as the full album released this spring, and regularly releases programs that actively introduce music that touches their heartstrings with commentary, mainly by bands with van experience. In this coronal disaster, I can't help but think about making these attempts on a band-by-band basis to keep the fire of live culture from going out. Well, it is a front sity family that attracts attention in activities other than such sound source releases, but the songs they provided for this work are two songs of "KOROSHITEKURE", which is an existing song, and "Reincarnation" that was made for the next album as early as possible. It is a gem song that you can enjoy the figure of a struggling and suffering family in the curse of blood that can not be dispelled by an endeonive effort. A baby with the face of an old man who preaches his misfortune while putting out his face from the vaginal opening and applying it to the blood coming out of his mother's body. It would be greatly appreciated if you could touch the family who go around the blood pool in this work and get a glimpse of their side as contraindications.

Against Napalm Dead Is Dead, they are celebrating their 16th year of formation this year. Since its indym formation, the band's songs on the theme of "meaningless, worthless, and emotionless" have succeeded in proving their existence that "there is a band called Naparm Dead", not more or less, due to the fact that the space is filled with noise grind played by the band. The sound source recorded this time was a take provided to a 3-way split cassette from The Independent Record Label in Germany, but after the release, the label succeeded in finishing the members with a fierce mind without the actual product being sent to the band side. Because it was a take that the members liked, I decided to record it on this split cassette, but in addition to that, I just confirmed that the CD-R version has been relapsed in 2020 from Olivia Record in Germany. The minds of the members succeeded in the hands of the bad Germans to become Herod. I want you to enjoy the success sound source which has been succeeded after success by all means.

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