Morte Lenta/Drek split tape

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(Bringer of Gore Records)
(Brazil/Czech Republic)

Morte Lenta side has 452 songs so you really can't go wrong. One of them is bound to hit the spot. =P 
Joao and crew lay down some raucous blown-out noisecore destruction, pure and unadulterated. From the beautiful beach city of Fortaleza, where Lotus Fucker/Sete Star Sept/Morte Lenta/etc played the #1 most HOT gig I have ever experienced in my entire life (and Kiyasu and Kae confirmed this too. this was the most insane, over the top heat we have EVER been subjected to) (the wall-mounted AC unit started sparking and exploded halfway through the show, because it was so hot). Morte Lenta play noisecore of the highest merit and with the highest levels of enthusiasm while, like a lot of great bands, being somewhat off the radar for most of the world, known only to other dedicated noise freaks and world travelers. Get in on the ground floor and check these guys out!!!! 
Drek are playing straight-forward noisecore style. But their side didn't make as big an impact on me.

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