Moonscape - Monolith LP

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Official Description:
TOKYO HARDCORE PUNK "MOONSCAPE"!! In the summer of 2021, the long-awaited 1st LP is released with full satisfaction from PUNK AND DESTROY! ! The works released so far also attract attention with each release, and a discography CD that summarizes the sound source is also released! ! After a difficult birth, finally completed 1st LP! ! The villainous hardcore that swallows metal punk / metal core, crust, lyrical hardcore, blackkend hardcore, satanic black metal, etc. and draws distorted beauty is released as a masterpiece LP that can be said to be one completed form here! ! Metallic and jet-black sound! ! Black and violent everywhere! ! Evil and extreme vocals! ! I'm desperate to shudder to the evil sound that even feels fear! ! Jacket with a sense of weight, 180g heavy board vinyl, a wonderful dish that you can feel the weight with the sound! ! All 9 songs included! ! To all hardcore fans!!

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