Malokio - Senza Scampo LP

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When my hardcore brother Guigui (Coche Bomba) gave me a demo tape of his new band Silent Bones in 2013, it knocked me out. I was a huge fan and an instant believer. Silent Bones managed a short tour and, to my dismay, broke up.

In 2014 Guigui gave me another demo tape of his new band, Malokio. Lo and's Silent Bones with a new singer, same style but new songs. After seeing them live at Varning for Montreal, I immediately signed up to release their LP.

For me, this fits nicely with bands like Burning Kitchen, Life....But How to Live It?, and Signal Lost. Straight-forward melodic punk sound, mid-tempo riff-heavy songs with adept and hook-y singing. Exactly the kind of punk music I enjoy.

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