Lost World - Posthumanism EP

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Official Description:
LOST WORLD was an political (anarcho) punk band from Karlsruhe/Germany. They became rather outstanding from many other european crust/anarcho punk bands during the late nineties. This was mostly due to their destinct style of melodic bassguitar hooks and lines, as well as their very unique, raw and raspy but still melodic female vocalist.
LOST WORLD released an LP (Tod Aber Haltbar) and one double 7" (Capitalism Is The Disease) on Skuld Releases between 1996 and 2000. The Band split in early 2000 and released their second album (Everythings Said) posthumous via Ruin Nation Records in 2004.
This 7" compiles 3 rare sampler tracks and 2 unreleased songs from the recording session of their first LP "Tot aber Haltbar". That makes 5x pissed political anarcho-punk with a crusty edge and some great melodies.
The lyrics are in english, german and italian and the 7" is housed in a nice foldout-cover and incl. some words about this record and lyrics with english and german translations.

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