Los Baraja - self-titled EP

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(Esos Malditos Punks)

Official Description:
Argentina's early 80s PUNK BAND "LOS BARAJA"!! A 7-inch album containing two '83 studio tracks and one live recording source left by them was released jointly by ESOS MALDITOS PUNKS in the US/Texas, which is also known for reissues of South American mono such as HEREJIA and SEDICION, and EXABRUPTO Records in Mexico! !!
An unknown 80s Argentine punk pioneer band that seems to have been active in the early 80s! !! Unearthed and remastered the sound source recorded in 83! !! 77 PUNK, centered on the punk rock of the early punk line, energetic vocals typical of South America! !! Impulse and bare tension!! South American Primitive Raw Punk Rock!! Also for my countryman Argentina's early punk band "LOS LAXANTES" and '70s OBSCURE PUNK~ South America / Latino hardcore punk fans!

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