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Germany regularly produces LEATHERFACE followers, but this band is amazing. Wouldn't it be a new album for LEATHERFACE if you listened without saying anything? To be honest, they are real LEATHERFACE followers. The three records they shocked are "Mush" by LEATHERFACE, "Bivouac" by JAWBREAKER, and "Strong Reaction" by PEGBOY. But I can't help it because it looks cool. Rather than SAD DAYS INDEED, it's a street punk band, but in Japan a new band worthy of attention has emerged, following the hot topic of Spanish CRIM in melodic punk fans! LEATHERFACE no matter who listens. It's a LEATHERFACE sound that was the most shocking to everyone before the reunion, like a MINX like MUSH. It seems like Frankie and Dickey are entangled enough to say that I do not do my best with two guitars, and I love singing too much like Frankie of the past (laugh) The shouting reminds me of BEAR TRADE. Is it possible to fill the gap in LEATHERFACE, which will not announce new works after 2010? A band with even higher expectations in the future. All 10 songs in the 1st album. Lastly, comment from American PUNK fanzine Razocake Fanzine. "I listened to this because I thought it was a new LEATHERFACE! Is it different?"

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