Lama - Onks’ Marko Taalla? live 1982 tape

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(Finnish Hardcore)

Official Description:
In 1982 LAMA was on top of their short-lived and fast-paced career as the self-titled debut LP was released after three killer 7"s. However, by the end of the year LAMA had called it a day (for the time being).

In January 1982 LAMA did an energetic and professional gig in Seinäjoki, Finland. The show was recorded by Risto Maunuksela and eventually released as the very first Finnish punk rock bootleg tape.

After 40 decades of home dubbed copies LAMA - Onks' Marko täällä? Live 1982 (FINHC-020) is officially and professionally reissued by FINNISH HARDCORE.

Approved by the band, the reissue is digitally mastered by Jari Mikkola (AIVOPROTEESI) and replicates the original artwork. The tape is issued with an double-sided A4 interview insert (in Finnish).

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