La Fraction - De L'autre Cote LP

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Official Description:
Two decades after their second record "Aussi long sera le chemin", La Fraction from Paris also release their fourth studio album with Twisted Chords. "De L'autre cote" is the name of the good piece, has been 16 years away and that's fine with the best unambitious punk band in the world.

La Fraction just do their thing, don't let themselves be rushed, whistle on every zeitgeist and have long since found their very own sound and style mix: Melodic-rousing punk rock, which becomes so independent and unmistakable through Magali's outstanding voice. Somewhere between the distillers and French chanson music, as wacky and wild as that may sound. This band can do everything and maybe has lasted so long because they don't care about conventions and scene codes as much as they do classic songwriting.

La Fraction are not always easy or catchy at first glance, develop new things with every listen and in the end wonderful little punk rock pearls get stuck, which sweep and inspire. Powerful and powerful, finally really good and elaborately produced and as they themselves so aptly title: Just too old to die young. Fatalism ole.

At the same time, but still rooted in the DIY idea, "De L'autre cote" appears again in cooperation with countless French (micro) labels with participation from Poland and Germany: The complete Twisted Chords pressing as an exclusive splattered vinyl color mix of blue-transparent, gray and magenta. Looks like a bomb!

CD is released as a digipack with booklet, the LP in a bold 350g cover with printed discosleeves and download code.

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