Kuroishi - Sound the Alarm LP

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Official Description:
Sometimes the best things in life require patience.

Jani had sent me rehearsal versions of songs like "Black Lung" as far as back as early 2018, but to reach their full potential, Kürøishi wanted to play-test everything as thoroughly as possible. Cue a Japan tour, a few short stints around Scandinavia, consistent gigging around Finland for over a calendar year. Arranging and re-arranging, recording and re-recording, patiently sifting through the options to mature the best songs to their potential perfection.

With the changing of the seasons, with everything refined and polished to maximum power and clarity, all parts attentively placed to maximum effect, Kürøishi finally drop their monster second LP. While the sold-out first LP stemmed from a traditional Scandinavian style of "Tragedy via Wolfbrigade", Sound the Alarm LP leans a lot more on a tasteful Japanese hardcore influence. The Tragedy heaviness and bleak atmosphere is still prevalent, with crushing dirges and desperate melodic riffing, but here the songs are more guitar-focused, with blazing guitar leads (see: "Black Lung") and huge epic guitar solos (see: "Numbers & Asteroids") pumping adrenaline to the extreme. Set that to high-charge tempos and throw in some big gang choruses with guest appearances from bands like Think Again, NoLA, No Excuse, Rotten Sound, Paranoid, and Vivisektio, and you've got your winter soundtrack all sorted out. Powerhouse shit, one of the best records in my life right now. Patience paid off.

The soundtrack to getting snowed in and drinking away your desperate loathing of this depressing world.
Mastered at Enormous Door.
Masterpiece artwork by the legendary Sugi, printed on a thick tip-on jacket and on a large fold-out poster insert.

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