Kuoleva - Recapture EP

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Official Description:
Punk has roots in the technology but not available, and its true value. There is no use for those who have forgotten. There is no use for those who say only small and difficult things and sort out others as punk or not. It's also for those who are like Koso Mud who replaces stingy on other people's expression methods with their own expression. Don't make it a place for the dead of SNS who aren't bullish, denying others because they feel like they're observant compared to someone else. Is it the status that you are absorbed in only the phantom rare sound source? No. It's a rich play. If you can't get absorbed in what's going on right now, you can't do net punk.
That's what I was always thinking about, and I was thrown away. lyrics? I wonder if it was decided importantly. A straight, pointed word that can only be punk, like throwing it away, this sticks.
If you think the DISCHARGE or DISCLOSE style is RAW PUNK, you're completely wrong. Don't twist history. Add D-beat.
If you make such a mistake, kiss the Beatles record and sleep forever.
It made me realize that there is really no such razor-like sound that cuts the best.
underling? Career? Some kind of image? Don't use that as a criterion for evaluation, punk will die if you do something like that.
By the way, it's time to adjust your breathing a little and calmly give your impressions.
The best! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

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