Klonns/Soiled Hate split CD

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Official Description:
KLONNS is a new work without a break from "HUSK" which was digitally released in August 2021. While being burned by the evil of 80s JAPANESE HARDCORE, it has a BRUTAL and FLOOR KILL finish with an expanded interpretation of the side as DANCE MUSIC of HARDCORE PUNK. SOILED HATE, on the other hand, is a regular sound source following the LP "The Nine Billion Names of Hate" scheduled to be released from Germany . Based on 90s US POWER VIOLENCE, NYHC, DEATH METAL, and finally NU METAL ... greedily absorb all kinds of VIOLENT MUSIC. With a new generation of sense and sense of balance, it gives off the purity and toughness of the 20's POWER VIOLENCE without falling into an easy MIXTURE. Also included is CYBER PUNK COVER, where Zaiden swings tact and sailor Kannako, Golpe Mortal, and 1797071 scream. The exchange of mysterious radio waves and roars erodes the rigid hearing.

RAW HARDCORE and POWER VIOLENCE. While pursuing different styles every day, two sound blocks that survived Tokyo, which was in an unprecedented crisis, with boldness and invincibility not afraid of deviation. ATTITUDE's resonance that INDIVISUAL captures the world and is not tied to anyone. Here is the answer from NEW AGE PUNKS to this world that has trampled on the weak and continues to accelerate toward collapse.

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