July 2022 New Arrivals

Posted by -Kamikaze Dan on 7/18/2022
Hello world,

The legend himself Danny from Anal Butt has temporarily moved in with me! How fun! So I am going to not write anything here so I can get done with this quicker and return to hanging the fuck out.

But let me say once again, I am going to be out of town July 28 to September 3. No orders will be shipped during that time. Nothing new will be added to the store during that time. Probably September update will be small. Please be aware!

Currently I'm all caught up on mailorder, and I'll be mailing stuff out until the 27th, so if you have an interest, order now and there's a good chance I'll get your parcel out next day.


This is what Danny and I are listening to tonight. I just opened up a big ass box of southeast Asian and South American metal, which as I've said plenty of times on here, is what I'd be into if I was a metal guy. We are loving this Sil Khannaz 1990-1992 demos LP, total shit-fi black metal evil from Malaysia. But for me, it's this Last Days of Humanity first LP reissue that reigns supreme. An all-time favorite for splatter goregrind destruction. Nobody does it like this band. I'm looking at my record collection like, wait...I seriously have 5 LPs worth of LDoH??? Guess I really can't get enough.

If you need the speed without all the gore and satan, we got a ton going on this month. I'm really thrilled on this Die You Bastard! LP, first time on vinyl for their 2003 debut album. This is a band that i simply never spent a lot of time with, although I realize they are pretty respected in Japan for being Iron Fist Tatsushima's (drummer of Gism, Crow, etc) main band. Probably after this Sil Khannaz LP, we're putting this on.

I know there's a lot of hype around Triac new LP in the Discord, and everybody seems to love Internal so I'm guessing Internal collection 12" will be a hit. And Slight Slappers 12" is a very convenient reissue of that 2017 7" on Break The Records that sold out real fast. Great for me, I stupidly missed that 7" at the time, wtf was I doing??

But actually I really want to throw some attention to the new generation of Japanese power violence hardcore bands that we got in the store now. These are bands that my friends in Japan are consistently bringing up in conversation, makes it sound like their fast hardcore scene is really blossoming at the moment. Masspress/Moribund Punishment split 12" is a nice one, great follow up to that Moribund Punishment EP I distro'd a few years back. And I was VERY impressed by this Soiled Hate LP. Clearly they've studied their Despise You records quite closely. 


Okay, if you need it not quite that fast, we got some of that too. Although the Krimtank side of The Bristles/Krimtank split 7" is still pretty blazing fast. Their side seriously shocked me, insane slapdash ramshackle piss-raw Mob 47 blazing thrashing d-beating shit. I gotta go track down their previous 7"s!

Right, right, not so fast, Sepsis EP is the latest Hardcore Victim release and is a right proper slice of raw crustcore brutality. And if you remember that S.O.H. demo tape from last year, perfect for charged hair and leather jackets, that has found its way onto vinyl with this handy S.O.H. EP

And finally, maybe the best for last here. This Swab LP on Hardcore Victim really knocked me out, I know this record is gaining traction right now and it deserves all the attention! Big anticipation behind Loose Nukes new LP, if you dug their recent split 7" with Under Attack then for sure you're going to need this! Botched Toe LP is a nice one for stomping, grooving, moshing hardcore style, like Bib or Gag or other bands with 3 letter names (Gel?). 

But for me, if I was going to highlight one record from this update, it'd be this new La Fraction LP. One of my top favorite bands, also the second tightest live band I've ever seen (behind Gauze), saw them when they were touring on La Vie Revee LP (must have been 2006?) and they played like a well-oiled machine on autopilot since the dawn of time, absolutely blew me away, I remember it clear as yesterday. Saw them again touring on that second 7" in the 2010s, still incredible, but maybe the first time always leaves the biggest impression.
Anyway I seriously love this band, got the albums on both LP and CD so I can listen to them with maximum convenience, and this new album is fan-fucking-tastic, their signature melodic style in full effect, total power, instantly memorable, just stirs my soul and lifts my spirits. GREAT band.

For more commentary on this stuff and more, please scope our Instagram page, where we review choice new arrivals as they come. If it sounds cool when we talk about it, it'll sound even cooler when you hear it streaming on the online store, and even cooler still when you buy the record and slap it on your turntable. 

on the way and up in September:
latest from FOAD
latest from Adult Crash
Sedition discography 2xLP (it is coming! I swear!)
Hiatus LP reissue (shudder to think there are punks living without this record)
GAZE EP (for me, the top hardcore 7" of the year)
latest hardcore and punk from Japan

Thanks and talk more later.