Istukas Over Disneyland - Sons Of Pampanga tape

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(the Philippines)

Official Description:
IOD was formed by a group of punk friends back in 1994 in San Fernando, Pampanga. Being heavily influenced by Street Rock/Oi!. IOD was among the first wave of Pampanga punks who helped keep their scene alive and it is admirable to note that they're still at it today. In fact, the latest offering under T4R's 4-way split (Deadly Rhythms..) is proof that this band has matured musically, which is only natural.

Enjoy the band at it's rawest. This is one of the scene's more noteworthy, hardworking bands that deserves all the support and respect we can give back.

A1-A2: Split 7" with R.A.B. (released July 2011 by Love From Hate, Rusty Knife, Has Been Mental, Fuck Your Laws, MAC)
A3-A4: Unreleased (recorded May 2011)
A5-A7: Split 7" with Eskapo (released September 2010 by Darbouka Records)
A8-A9: Compilation "Pilipinas Thrash Detonatoin" (released June 2010 by Still Ill Records)
A10-B6: 4 way Split-CD with La Grita, Kill Ratio and Eskapo (released January 2009 by Take Four Collective, Delusion Of terror, Love From Hate)
B7: Unreleased (recorded 2003 - other version released on "O Guinu" CD in 2005)
B8-B11: Unreleased (recorded in 1998 - other versions released on "All Been Said" CD in 2003)

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