Inzest - Violence Not Words CD

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(Black Konflik Records)

Official Description:
This is a CD version of the previous LP released by F.O.A.D records! INZEST early collection in 1987-1988 tracks that started in Osaka, in the same area with legendary S.O.B. The beat is almost the same as all the late 80's Japanese bands that show aggressive riffing and drumming. Even though it was a short early year it still gives an ear- ache! 

Osaka thrash-core inferno!! Reissue of their cult flexi disc 'Another Religi*n Another Vi*lence" (1987) and rare 'Motive Of Genocide' demo tape (1988). These shortly lived skullcrushers were responsible for some of the fastest and most furi*us Japanese hardcore blended with mad thrashing riffs and vitriolic screams. If you're possessed by the abuse of speed and aggression of bands like S.O.B., Outo, Gudon, Brain Death, Googolplex, Systematic Death etc. you can't go wrong with this, just put this record up and you'll be smashed by a bloodshed of manic fast ferocity! ( F.O.A.D Records) 

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