Industrial Resistance - Light From Deep Darkness LP

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In short: 120 tracks in 20 minutes. There's no way it can be bad!

Official Description:
120 SONGS of abominable Noisecore ferocity! 1989... members of SOUND POLLUTION, ROTTING CHRIST and Scut from 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA team of for a bloody nightmare of merciless aural butchery. This recording has remained a complete obscurity for 3 decades and only circulated among a small circle of band members' friends and diehard tape collectors. If you dig the late 80's short song Noisecore formula adopted by bands like Sore Throat, 7MON, Tumor to surpass all the limits of extremism conceived until then, this is exactly that kind of thing. Lightning fast blast beats, horrific distortion and rotting sick vocals is what you'll get in 20 minutes of cacophonous tortures. One sided LP with silk screened art on B-side. Including liner notes written by Spryos (Sound Pollution)

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