Ignorantes - Palos Por Que Bogas, Palos Por Que No Bogas LP

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Official Description:
* Inner bag with screen print & back jacket print paper sleeve bag, sticker & ROCK SVB DISCOS badge! !!
(There are several types of stickers and badge designs, but they will be added randomly.) Raw Noise Hardcore Punk Band "IGNORANTES" from Chile
, South America!! 2023 new 12-inch limited release from US/ROCK SVB DISCOS! Actually, it seems that this sound source was made quite a while ago, and it seems that it was completed before the LP released by F.O.A.D., and the members have a hard time finishing the artwork? In the end, it was released like a 12-inch white jacket (inner jacket) envelope sleeve without a jacket! !! However, is it elaborate with a paper sleeve bag with an inner bag screen print and back jacket print? lol New recordings recorded in 2021 (probably the same as the ones on YouTube. All 11 songs are included! !! It's like a new mini-album at 45 rpm and 12 inches, isn't it? The basic line is the same low & dangerous gentle Spanish noise punk! !! The number that seems to suppress the tempo on the contrary amplifies the danger! !! After all IGNORANTES is good ~! !! Abunai Punk!! I wonder if someone will come to Japan. IGNORANTES~South America~Noise punk fans!! Stickers and badges are included! Limited to 300 sheets!

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