Ignorantes - Con La Camiseta Puesta tape

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Attention is increasing with each release of the three-piece low-noise hardcore punk band "IGNORANTES" from Chile in South America!! Past cassette releases have been reissued simultaneously with three titles at once from ROCK SVB DISCOS in New York, which is known for the release of IGNORANTES' EP, the EP of defeat, and the release of Chile ~ South American Mono!! Reprinted professional copy cassette faithful to the original release!! A hard-to-obtain cassette sound source that seems to have not been so popular at the time of release!! This is a recurrence that will be happy for new fans!! Each title is limited to 100 pieces only, so do not miss out on shopping! !
The original is the 1st cassette album "CON LA CAMISETA PUESTA"which was released in 2019 by BYLLEPEST DISTRO in Norway in limited edition 200 pieces!! This is Dasa (Dasa cool?) at the time when our shop also arrived before. The jacket of the atmosphere Mumun gave off an indescribable stench, but as soon as it was regenerated, South American lovers who were blown away were stunned by the fierce primitive low noise punk!! Slapstick rhythm and crisp noise guitar!! A bit of vocal vocals and dirty vocals play a primitive slap on the back while striking South American noise punk!! All 15 tracks are included!! CINTAS PEPE, ROCK SVB DISCOS, Central and South America Primitive Hardcore released from around SPHC ~ Noise punk lovers, Spanish and low-punk lovers should also come by all means!! With sticker!! Limited edition of 100 professional copy cassettes!!

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