Hovlakin - Greatest Hits LP

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Official Description:
Every time I listen to it, I remember the words of Ramen Man: "Everything is there except what is not".
?Takkyu Ishino (Denki Groove).

Bizarre, strange, crazy, free, indie rock band formed in 1979 in Shiga Prefecture by Taro Morishita (vocals) and Hosei Aoki (drums) and other mahjong friends, four analogue LPs: "Kokupurakin", "Kinguhobura", "Indian Tiger Cutting" and the live disc "Homerun". EPs crammed into one LP, the best of their early years, 47 tracks, 52 minutes long! First time on analogue, the CD contains all the EPs "Koprakin", "Kingu Hobura", "India's Tiger Cutter" and the 2-CD set "Gosun's Life" on sonosheet. Plus two additional unreleased tracks, "Keihan Milk", for a total of 51 tracks. (The live version of "Homerun" is only available on LP.) With its ultra-high gag sense and ideas that still haven't aged, this album is a treasure of Japanese punk music.

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