Hero Dishonest - Maailma Palaa Taas LP

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Official Description:
Words don't work, they clearly fail. We can keep saying over and fucking over again how unbelievably fucking killer HERO DISHONEST is. We can tell you how the band has just delivered their 8th record, an amazing LP with 14 blasting songs of dynamic, crushing, fast as hell Finnish HC Punk. We've been screaming in your face that this unsung band has been making uncompromisingly unique and brutal music since 1999 yet our words fail us....we can keep on yelling and screaming but the problem is that YOU ARE NOT LISTENING. Well, we are going to shut up. We will shut the fuck up so you can open your ears and listen, not to us, but to the band. Open your ears and let the genius sounds fill that space in your head with something good for once, you deserve it, you earned it, because you listened...and maybe, just maybe if we are all lucky enough, maybe someday soon HERO DISHONEST will come back to the states for another tour and play these songs for you live and completely knock you on your ass and you will be lucky enough to pick yourself up off the floor and shake their hands and thank them for it.

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