Haigan - Insanity Slaughter Lisence CD

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(Bloodbath Records)

Official Description:
Formed in 2011, Tokyo Noise Grind / Freekey Hardcore "HAIGAN"! ! GERGERIGEGEGEGE / Yamanouchi's personal label "VIS A VIS AUDIO ARTS" released in December 2018 For the first time in about two and a half years, the new 2nd album! ! This work is a joint release between Bloodbath Recoreds, which is familiar with the release of Grind Hardcore, and the individual label Tjabbac Recodes by haigan members themselves! ! In the previous work 1st, the horn section was also added large band (11 regular members as of 2019), whereas it was an experimental color rich style of volume of nearly 1 hour, this work is hardcore, blast beat, While swallowing death metal etc., the strength of the habit that can not be combined with extreme music and the explosive momentum + a are combined to make it easier to stick to than the previous work (even more intense??). A full work that is full of listening response! ! All 20 songs released by 7 people of bass and drums + electro on triple vocals, twin guitars! ! Chaos hardcore with madness and chaos! ! HAIGAN SECOND ATTACK!!

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