Hadez – Aquelarre LP

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(Espíritus Inmundos)

Official Description:
Hadez is without a doubt a band that is a reference for Peruvian and South American black metal and their debut album Aquelarre is even more so. Originally released in 1993 by Brutal Records on CD only, the album has not lost its originality or the black aura that each of its songs emanates without rest during all these years. Masterpiece of black metal with very well achieved slow and tortuous parts the album has had several editions to this day, being the last reissue on vinyl from eleven years ago and without the original cover for some unknown reason. What we have here is the 30th anniversary edition of this production, a print run of 300 vinyl in black and transparent red that also includes a booklet with unpublished photos, posters, reviews and interviews in fanzines of the time along with the original artwork in the CD released by Brutal Recs. Another no less important detail, is that this is the first official reissue with the permission of the band and the label that produced the album and that has the rights until now.Until now the band gave authorization for all reissues on their part, this is the first official reissue that has the Brutal Records license. 

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