Haavat - Myrsky Nouse CD

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Official Description:
Finnglish punk from Norwich, UK. A solid wall of hardcore punk supported by Katri’s vocals in Finnish create a unique blend and the sound you haven’t heard before. This is what happens when you blend Finish and English style of playing punk and, most importantly, add HAAVAT’s secret ingredient. Featuring members from different bands like Mid from  Deviated Instinct on guitar, HAAVAT is different and there's a large D-Beat as backbone, a bit metallic at times but mostly crusty sounding stuff with absolute angst behind the vocals.  All this played by veteran punks with exceptional production results and outstanding artwork from Rob Middleton. Recorded at Meantime Studios in May 2023, mastered at Dobra 12 Studio. This CD version has 3 bonus tracks recorded. Total 17 tracks Female fronted crusty Finnglish punk!. 

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