Gudon - 1984-1990 Rest in Peace CD+DVD

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80's HIROSHIMA HARD CORE LEGEND "GUDON" !! The discography album has a new jacket design for the first time in 16 years !! The only reunion was recorded on January 16, 2009 at Shinjuku Loft. With DVD !! Domestic press jewel case 2-disc set, first press limited 800 with DVD !!

Formed in Hiroshima in 1984, leading the Hiroshima hardcore scene in the mid to late 1980s, energetic mainly in Tokyo and Osaka It was counted as one of Japan's leading hardcore bands in the 1980s. The original member's masochism later formed BASTARD and JUDGEMENT through HALF YEARS ~ SYSTEMATIC DEATH. Similarly, the original member Guy is WARHEAD JUNK. , Takes vocals at the current ORIGIN OF M through CAVEMEN. Late guitarist MOTSU joined OUTO-RISE FROM THE DEAD after withdrawing, and continues to express various expressions as the current DVD of DVD. Souichi, a guitarist of Hiroshima, is known for his energetic activities both domestically and internationally as a guitar for the Tokyo hardcore punk band FORWARD. From
early noise core to metal core, slash, and late crossover, change and evolution with the times Disbanded in August 1990 while repeatedly having many fans as a heretic existence.
19 years later, in 2009, HAPPY (VOCAL), GUY (BASS), SOUICHI (GUITAR) reunited live with the lineup of former CHICKEN BOWELS, who spent the same time as stupidity, and the current SLIP HEADBUTT drummer, MUKACHIN. Vocal HAPPY was urgently hospitalized at the point where a limited re-activity was decided for only one year, and after that he lived a fighting life for five years, but on September 8, 2014, he became a person who did not return. Six years later, in 2020, it will be released as a memorial board for Mr. HAPPY, who celebrated his 7th anniversary. I would like you to take this opportunity to touch on the trajectory of one punk who is obsessed with hardcore.
Completely recorded on DVD the stage at Shinjuku Loft on January 16, 2009, which was the only reunion. In addition, the male figure at TO FUTURE GIG held in Hiroshima China Town on August 6, 2014, which became Mr. HAPPY's LAST STAND, is also recorded. The 90's last live and 1989 live video recorded as the first privilege at the time of the previous (2004) release are also recorded as a bonus.

The W jacket is a newly drawn work by Tokyo-based collage artist and graphic designer Kosuke Kawamura and hardcore illustrator SUGI. The design will now be released as a T-shirt and silkscreen poster to commemorate the release.
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