Grazhdanskaya Oborona - (Nausea) LP

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Being dissatisfied with a number of previous recordings, or rather, with the quality of the vocals - with the HOW it was sung in the 1988 album cycle - ?at some point (May 21, 1989) I took a spontaneous and decisive step - ?on the basis of the surviving discs recorded at that time covered the main part, in my opinion, obviously failed songs. At the same time he wrote new solo parts. The result was a self-contained album, although mixed versions of material sung in January 1988 and covered in May 1989 went around for a long time. At the same time, the texts, raw for those times (January 1988), were partially corrected, this explains the discrepancies that exist to this day.

As before, everything was recorded "live" from a certain reproducing apparatus (it seems, "Elf-332") on "Olimp-003".

“Everything is going according to plan” is the latest version of the remixing of this work for those times for inclusion in the “mixed” albums of the 88 cycle, re-prepared for wide distribution, subsequently (in 1992) released by TAU-Product and BO 'N'DA Records' as a double vinyl album of the same name. It differs from the original version in the additional "reverse" of all parts, approximately from the middle of the song superimposed on the original by shielding the "Olympus" erasing head.

Egor Letov,
April 10, 2007

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