Grave Mist - Demography 93-97 CD

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Official Description:
May 1994 Debut live in Antinock
B &Vo Junichi Shida G Luu Dr Naohiro
G Roux left immediately after G Iwamoto Toshihiro
joined Shortly
after Mickey joined Vo, but left soon
In the autumn of 1995, Kazama joined B but left in January 1996,
and in January 1997 they performed live
in Antinock
(biography by GRAVE MIST drummer Naohiro Kinoshita)

Two phantom demo tapes left by Kanto Super Obscure Undergrinder GRAVE MIST are reissued on CD! All 36 songs were remixed for this reissue and finished with a more vivid sound that makes you feel the outpouring of sweat!

Formed in 1993, GRAVE MIST appeared in a black-shirted live house with a gala shirt and flashy hair color, and was outstanding even in the grindcore scene that played a maverick role in the music scene. He has also participated in famous grind projects such as "Killing Noise Squad" hosted by Meat Slaves and "Blast Mosh Grind" by DxIxE, and under the three pillars of the band's philosophy of "Fast Heavy Yakeso", his ultra-fast and high-tension live performances that fuse Japanese HC and grindcore that do not feel bassless are evaluated in the underground. However, they suddenly announced their disbandment at a live show in January 1997, and after a short period of three years of activity, the band came to an end...

During their career, GRAVE MIST left only two demo tapes (they have also participated in several omnibuses, but their songs are excerpts from the demo tapes), and this CD is a compilation of these two demo tapes, "Demography 93-97". As the member said in an interview published in UNDRERGRIND zine vol.2, the only source that can tell us about GRAVE MIST at that time "At first the so-called HARDCORE color was strong, but from around the 2nd DEMO the grind color became stronger", and if you listen to it through this CD, 1st DEMO and 2nd DEMO and 2nd You will be able to enjoy the transformation of the musical style at DEMO.
First of all, the 1st DEMO, which was recorded at the beginning, uses a lot of blast beats and screaming vocals also make you feel grindcore, but the guitar riffs also give you the essence of bands that were active in the early days of Japan hardcore punk, such as Deathside and early Roserose, who say they were influenced by guitar riffs. Carcass Grinder, which was born in Oita during the GRAVE MIST period, and Excreted Alive, are superb HC Grind sound sources close to the HC meets Noise Grind in Spain.
AND THE 2ND DEMO... The influence from HC punk has faded, and this 2nd DEMO has evolved into a rushing blast grind core! Perhaps because of studio recording, the sound quality is much improved from the first DEMO. A thick guitar that doesn't look like a single string instrument sits on top of the bustling blast beat, and the roar of the vocals goes wild. The forgetting of this GRAVEMIST 2nd DEMO is a great loss in the history of Japanese grindcore, and I would like to assure you that it is the pride of the corpse cassette that we were able to be involved in this recurrence. It's a great blast grindcore masterpiece that has a taste similar to Australia's Warsore, the American Fiend in recent years!

This sound source was completed through the efforts of Mr. Suzuki / Mr. Sugita, members of the Hanako Band of Toilet, which will be released simultaneously on this label. I would like to express my gratitude once again. This is also an official discography CD by Mr. Kinoshita, the former drummer of GRAVE MIST who provided the biography and is currently in the HC punk band Mosaicks.

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