God's America/Gristnam split 10"

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(Night Animal Records)

In short: God's America are always perfect recently. Gristnam sound like NOLA.

Official Description:
Mammoth split 10” featuring New Orlean’s GRISTNAM and Las Vegas, GOD’S AMERICA. Gristnam has previously released a series of digital only EPs of their brand of sludge metal dissonance. On this, their vinyl debut, they lay down two tracks of heavy way down south style venomous songs about spicy Thai and an ode to Big Trouble in Little China. 3-star spicy dish as a Russian roulette. Featuring ex-members of Haarp, Zombie Legion and Omean. On the flip side, prolific power violence band, God’s America drop four tracks of that violent lo-fi blast. An atmosphere of alienation with the force of absolute annihilation. A combination of hypnotizing sludge riffs reminiscent of Noothgrush with that short hectic blast of Benumb and watch the buildings crumble.

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